Litro #157: Nightmares: LAST NIGHT I DIDN’T DREAM AT ALL

Every morning, Papa wakes Anameli with a kiss and asks her what she dreamed.
“I dreamed that a ship sailed through the window of my bedroom and hid beneath my bed…”
“I was in a field and some wolves dressed as Little Red Riding Hood danced the Hokey Pokey with me…”
“There was an enchanted castle inside the closet and a ghost lived there but he was afraid of a sweater which was really a witch…”
“An alien appeared with the face of a lion and took me to the planet of the giant cats…”
“Aunt Lola gave me a bicycle that turned into a giant grasshopper and instead of rolling, took off in leaps up into the sky, but I wasn’t afraid at all…”

When Anameli recounts her dreams, no matter how strange they are, Papa only smiles and is calm.

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