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  • A Love Story Is a Story That Ends Badly A Love Story Is a Story That Ends Badly
  • Communication Nation: <em>Victorians Decoded: Art and Telegraphy</em> at Guildhall Art Gallery Communication Nation: Victorians Decoded: Art and Telegraphy at Guildhall Art Gallery
  • 21st-Century Jonson: <em>The Alchemist</em> at the Barbican Theatre 21st-Century Jonson: The Alchemist at the Barbican Theatre
  • The Fortune Seeker The Fortune Seeker
  • Take the Money and Stay Take the Money and Stay
  • Litro World Series Goes East with: India Litro World Series Goes East with: India
  • Litro # 155: Movement Litro # 155: Movement
  • Tilting on the Bluest Axis Tilting on the Bluest Axis





#Story Sunday

  • My Man Jesus

    "I have a question for you,” I say. “Why are you white? Isn’t this kind of a racist scenario here? Wouldn’t you be dark-skinned, Middle-eastern? Or African? ‘Hair like wool,’ the Bible says—"

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#Essay Saturday

  • Borders

    Litro #155: Movement: Borders

    The sailor’s question had re-framed reality, for one moment: to him, what we had in common: nationality, religion, age, attitude, was more important, by far, than the one difference in America that really counted.

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#On Writing

  • The Purpose of Fiction

    Fiction is not a repository of answers to our problems. You simply set out to tell a good story and hope that it speaks to people no matter who they are or where they live.

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#Tuesday Tales

  • My Father & Other Strangers

    His new wife seemed odd at first. She looked vaguely surprised about ordinary things, such as the question ‘How are you?’ or ‘What time is it?’ She would look at you then from very far away, as if you

#Lunch Break Fiction

  • Polke

    Beth’s Not Crazy

    Beth’s not crazy. She knows that never works, too pleading. But she’s not. When the bipolar diagnosis came raining down....

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